Tikus Island: a Pieces of Heaven

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Jalan Hidupku, Mimpi-Mimpi Hidup
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Hey people! I’m back again to share for you many experience that I have and I hope that will be a good things for you 😀

In 24 August, 2010 (fasting month), I went to an amazing place , Tikus Island in Bengkulu City with Nicko, Handika, and Okky. We rent a fishing boat with the cost idr 500.000. It was a great trip, great moment, travelling to the virgin place where a little bit people who knows it. We’ve been there for 8 hours. We did some activity like a swimming, snorkelling, and fishing. Oh ya, don’t forget, I did scuba diving too with Handika :). We dived till 7 metres under the sea, touch down ground the sea and take a handfull of the sand, and found some group of clown fish. That was amazing experience because I haven’t found a clown fish before, when I did snorkelling or diving. We’ve got many of fish when we did fishing and snorkelling at the same time.

Now, let’s enjoy the moment that we’ve got, a pieces of heaven 🙂


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