2010: Another Side of Myself

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Jalan Hidupku, Rehat Sejenak
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2010 was a year where I found another side of myself. I felt sad, because it was a bad part from the whole of my life. At the moment, I feel like I’m not me anymore. I can’t describe it, because it’s so unspeakable. I’ve becoming another men that doing so many bad things. I’ve ruined myself. Maybe my parents would be hurt and upset when their know about my habit.

In 2010, I’ve wasting my time for having fun with my friends, spending the night till dawn just for travelling around Jakarta, party, smoking, laughing, playing domino, and karaoke without a purpose. I lose myself, I lose an ability to control myself and I make a big mistake, very big mistake in my life.

Actually I’m so regret for making myself feel it. Now, 2010 was gone and I live in a new day, a new years. All of my days in 2010 was over and I’ve been learn so many things for a better of my life. I wouldn’t forget my past experience, but I will learn from it. I wish in 2011, me and you all people will be a better person from yesterday. Be a great people who doing a great things. Let the past going, fly and fly like a dust. And now, I will flying to found my old self, my true self. I miss my old self and my old life too. But the other side, time is running out. The meaning is I have to live with “the present self'” of myself not only with “my old self”.

Bismillah, wish that we’ll be a better person, aamiin.

  1. Atha Rasyadi says:

    semangat nik! i know you can do it! hehe.

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