You Make My World so Colorful

Posted: March 14, 2009 in Mimpi-Mimpi Cinta
Tags: , ,

morning sunshine in our room

now that room is back in tune

autumn start this day with a smile and laugh

at my beautiful love one who’s lying besides me

you so far away in your sleep

who can tell what dream you may dream

you dont know that i was drawing with my finger on your sweet young face vague as a meaning words

you make my world so colorful

i never had it so good

my love i thank you for all the love you gave to me

like a summer breeze so soft like

a rose you bring me near and i kiss your lips so sweet soft

like the rain and gentle as the morning dew in may though

they said that i was wrong

but thank god my will so strong

i got you in the palm of my hand everyday

they tried to put me on

but i laugh at those who tried to hurt our love


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